Piano Play

PianoPlay is a living, growing, mutant piano. Its mysterious origins began sometime in 2020 deep down in a dark cave in Vancouver, Canada. Ever since then it has started to learn some rather unique skills.

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Share Play

Through SharePlay on FaceTime, PianoPlay can exchange played notes in near realtime with others in a FaceTime group. So whether you're a teacher and student or just a group of friends wanting to jam, PianoPlays Telepathy can help.

iCloud Sync

PianoPlays telepathy is not only constrained to SharePlay, but extends to your recordings stored in iCloud to provide a seamless file experience. Your recordings will follow you to whatever device you have in hand.

Dual Play

While most Piano apps let you play by yourself, this mutant piano has DualPlay, unleashing the ability to play with someone right across from you, just enable mirror layout and play your heart out with those closest to you.

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